HubSpot Integration & App Company – Sold for $3.5M

  • Status Sold
  • Industry IT & SaaS
  • Asking Price $3.5M
  • Location Remote
  • Listing To Close 4 Months

This established company is the top integration partner and platform for adding capabilities to one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems globally. With over 150,000 customers, this CRM has experienced exponential growth, and this company has entrenched itself as a key player in its ecosystem. The company not only handles complex integrations between the CRM and other critical business systems, but has also developed its own suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that fill crucial gaps in the CRM’s functionality.

Listing Details

The company generates over half of its revenue from sticky, recurring subscriptions for its managed integration services and proprietary SaaS products. It has retained an enviable customer roster with minimal churn thanks to the mission-critical solutions it provides. The company has also built a talent pipeline of offshore engineers that allows it to develop new products and manage integrations at a 40% cost savings compared to US-based staff.

  • Suite of SaaS products enables bundling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Strong existing team able to operate with minimal owner involvement
  • Added sales staff and shift to self-serve model poised to boost growth

Listing Results

The company recently sold for the full asking price of $3.5 million to an entrepreneur and former executive. The buyer was able to secure debt financing and contribute personal capital to finalize the acquisition. With the company’s leading position and recurring revenues, the deal is well-positioned to deliver strong returns under new ownership focused on expanding the sales and marketing efforts.