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A Firm With Tech & Entrepreneurial Experience

We intimately understand the exhilaration of building a vision from scratch and growing a thriving tech business. Having walked in your shoes, we appreciate the complexities involved in marketing and selling a company. Our team of former founders, developers, and technologists speak your language and will help you navigate the intricacies of a transaction. With decades of hands-on experience, we’ll make sure your life’s work is valued accurately so you can look ahead to that next big idea.

Business Brokerage

Under $5M, our experienced brokers guide you through a streamlined exit process tailored to your business size and needs.

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M&A Advisory

Over $5M, our specialized advisors provide high-touch guidance on maximizing value and navigating the intricacies of larger, complex deals.

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Our Client List

Kids Educational App - SOLD

We lead and advised the sale of an app that had been managed by the founder for over 10 years. It reached a scale where it needed someone to move from a creative role to a management role so this was perfect for someone looking to grow something with traction.

  • Recurring Revenue & Remote Team
  • 40M+ Downloads & 89K Paying Subscribers

Crypto ATM & Software – $100M in Revenue

Discover a leading cryptocurrency exchange service provider, revolutionizing digital currency access with its extensive ATM network and advanced software solutions across 40 U.S. states.

  • Cutting-Edge Virtual Wallet Service
  • Expanding Global Cryptocurrency Access

Securities Vulnerabilities IaaS Listed For $1.4M

Two experts in the securities vulnerabilities space built a product for themselves and their peers to use. They started to charge customers including some big names like IBM. We found a buyer to purchase it as a bolt-on.

  • Profitable & Great Customer Satisfaction
  • Needed a GTM Strategy and Operator

HubSpot SaaS & Customization Agency Sold for $3.5M

The owner started as just a HubSpot customization company and saw a gap in the space. From there he developed a HubSpot application and was able to generate recurring revenue. Once it started to scale, he sold it to someone looking to jump from corporate to entrepreneurship.

  • 4 Months Listing To Close
  • Had Recurring Revenue & Consistent Growth
Other Services

How Else Can We Help?

Free Valuation ➟

We provide a professional valuation of a business based on an analysis of financials, assets, market comparables and growth potential to establish fair market value.

Exit Planning ➟

We create a customized strategy and timeline to enhance business value, addressing areas like operations, finance, and management to prepare a company for the most optimal exit.

Business Consulting ➟

We provide ongoing advisory services to improve critical aspects of a business such as financials, marketing, technology, and human resources to increase value.

Buyer Registration ➟

Buyers can sign up to gain access to our exclusive database of available acquisition opportunities that match their investment criteria.

Refer A Seller ➟

Know someone that wants to sale and is looking for a techie broker or M&A firm. Make an introduction and we can share in the success together.

Working Process

Industry Best Practices to the Core


Strategic Analysis

Analyze business and competitors; create compelling presentations for buyers and investors.


Market Presentation

Engage strategic buyers and PE investors; align with business goals for optimal opportunities.


Competition Management

Leverage interest; handle multiple bidders strategically to enhance deal value and success chances.


Negotiation & Resolution

Resolve business, legal, tax, IP, and employment issues; optimize deal terms and increase value.


Due Diligence Management

Organize, communicate, and validate business, financial, tax, tech, and legal aspects; handle data requests efficiently.

From The Lineup

Our Team Members

Khaled Azar

Khaled Azar

Founder and Advisor

Paul Casem

Paul Casem

Sr. Associate

Kesley Pedroza

Kesley Pedroza

Head of Deal Support

Jules Fox

Jules Fox

Head of Content

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Todd Earwood LinkedIn

Their Process Was So Easy

There are so many emotions when selling the company that you need a guide.. Their process was so easy.. They stayed on top of me.. Why? Because I was still running a business!

Todd Earwood

3x SaaS Founder

Great Job of Keeping The Deal Together

I felt like you and the seller had a lot of integrity. From the lawyers, I got cranky and I thought you managed me well. I am not sure this would have gotten done without you being involved.

Tim Ritche

CEO at Integrate IQ
Rich White Professional Image

Easy To Work With

If y'all aren't bigger soon you ought to be... y'all should literally tell everybody how they should do this, because you're so much easier to work with than anybody else I have ever worked with.

Rick White


Grateful For The Genuine & Authentic Testimonials

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