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Seller Testimonial

.. But we got a good feeling with you.

Yours was more genuine than most so we responded and you immediately engaged and answered some questions and then once we got on a call.. it just felt really good that you cared about the business.

Kevin Bradford

Mobile App Founder

Seller Testimonial

Their Process Was So Easy

There are so many emotions when selling the company that you need a guide.. Their process was so easy.. They stayed on top of me.. Why? Because I was still running a business!

Todd Earwood

3x SaaS Founder
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Buyer Testimonial

Great Job of Keeping The Deal Together

I felt like you and the seller had a lot of integrity. From the lawyers, I got cranky and I thought you managed me well. I am not sure this would have gotten done without you being involved.

Tim Ritche

CEO at Integrate IQ

Buyer Testimonial

Easy To Work With

If y'all aren't bigger soon you ought to be... y'all should literally tell everybody how they should do this, because you're so much easier to work with than anybody else I have ever worked with.

Rick White

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Consulting Testimonial

Tapped His Network

I wasn't ready to sell but that didn't stop Khaled from reaching out to his network. I need a marketing advisor, he quickly posted about it on LinkedIn, and I got a great recommendation within days.

Giselle Sitdykova


Buyer Testimonial

Really Good Listing

You had a really good listing and that doesn't just happen by chance. You had to screen it and search it.. And you guys just had a very well-written, concise explanation of the business.

Lewis Talbert

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Exit Planning Testimonial

Actual Tasks To Execute

With the help of Khaled, we analyzed the amount of enterprise value I wanted for my exit and did a gap analysis. From there we created a list of tasks to complete to achieve it.

Ryan White


Seller Testimonial

Connected Right Away

Khaled took the time to deeply understand my business and my ideal outcome. We connected right away and it almost felt like an advisory role from day one.

Manuel Solis III

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Buyer Testimonial

Transparent & Genuine

Most advisors or brokers give off their feeling that they are going to be your adversary. Khaled was honest, made me understand the sellers terms and came off as transparent and genuine.

Jimmy Gendron


Buyer Testimonial

Helped With Funding

I needed so much paperwork to apply for an SBA loan and asked a lot from Khaled and the seller. He supported me in getting everything I needed to submit to the bank.

Tim Galloway

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Reviews From

The following are reviews from SolutionsWide, the venture management company founded by Khaled Azar.

Consistently Growing

The company is continuously growing which allows for constant personal growth. Good benefits and team building activities. Great atmosphere and great management.

Anonymous Employee

Team Member

Surrounded by Smart People

The momentum from the leaders inspires all team members and sets the pace for constant success. SW has grown year over year since inception and is truly innovative in the many things that they do.

Anonymous Employee

Team Member

Kind Words From Other Humans

The following are reviews from business partners, colleagues, employees and employers that gave recommendations on LinkedIn.
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I wanted to take a moment to thank Khaled for his support in my career. I started as a marketing associate with him at SolutionsWide where he directly managed me, treating me like an equal and exercising his patience as I learned under his wing. When I moved on and progressed in my career, Khaled was sort of an on-call mentor and advisor to me. Whether I had grand ideas, tactical questions about business, or was even negotiating a joint venture, he was there providing radical candor and providing me guidance. Khaled is a rare breed and truly finds fulfillment in other people’s success. It’s refreshing to find a pure soul in a world that can be exploitive. If you ever get the chance to work with him, seize the opportunity because it’s worth every moment.

Khaled is one of the best bosses I had, if not the best. On my first days on a new position I take my time to understand everything deeply, that way I can then give new ideas and Khaled was just amazing. He gave me my time, explained things to me, sometimes more than once, with patience and always willing to help me. He become an incredible teacher for me. He taught me all of what I was missing and needed to learn about digital marketing. The setup, how all the tracking process worked, pixel and postback setup, GTM, etc. He even share with me some persuasive copywriting methods and he was always down to discuss and exchange ideas on digital marketing, marketing, user behavior or even random things, which I really enjoyed. He is a incredible professional, humble, knowledgeable and real team player. I am really thankful that I got the opportunity to work with him and I am looking forward to see where his new projects take him. 

Khaled is a great manager and I do hope to get to work with him again one day! The kind of a person who you truly enjoy learning from as he is very knowledgeable, always on-top of the latest trends, easy-going and energetic. He sets a great example for the team by Doing, not talking. But he is great at communicating with clients and partners as well. Anybody would be really lucky to have him as a manager, partner or consultant!

Khaled is one of the most talented and detail-oriented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he extremely knowledgable in digital marketing and SaaS, but his ability to manage people is exceptional due to his relatability and understanding nature. Anybody working with Khaled is quick to see that his hard-working ethic is contagious, and he creates an energetic atmosphere that pushes his peers and coworkers to succeed. Khaled has my highest recommendation as he continually goes above and beyond any expectations.

I have worked closely with Khaled since April 2014 when he hired me as an Admin/ Accounting Assistant. Since then, Khaled has nurtured and mentored me to become stronger, more knowledgeable and more confident in many aspects of my professional and personal life. I believe that anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Khaled is better off by knowing him. Despite how busy he is, he always takes the time to let those around him know how much he cares about their well-being. He is very intelligent, passionate about life and a great friend. Khaled is inspiring, a great leader and genuine. I am a fan for life!

Khaled is an extremely determined and energetic entrepreneur and leader. His genuine excitement for his work and desire to succeed is absolutely contagious to everyone around him. The foresight to know when to pivot, coupled with his technological intelligence are what makes him so successful. As good of a leader as Khaled is, he’s an even better teacher. I started working for Khaled as a newcomer to the tech/advertising industry, and came away three years later with all of the experience and confidence to really kick start my career in the industry. I have Khaled to thank for much of that.

Khaled is a great communicator with a truly open door policy. He gives advice where he can and will make you aware of his knowledge gaps for you to research on your own, which is refreshing in leadership. He has continuously challenged me to have a growth mindset and always be evolving. He tries to bring order to the chaos of a start-up while finding the balance between moving fast vs accurately. He has raised the status quo for being a boss, CEO and leader.

Khaled is a visionary leader who can develop a strategy, execute with laser focus, see opportunities to test new ideas, and make changes quickly to keep moving forward. He is willing to provide opportunities for learning and progress, but also knows the importance of keeping all eyes on the prize. His drive and motivation to improve himself and his business inspired me to do the same.

Khaled is an extremely positive, knowledgeable, and motivating CEO who fosters a very collaborative environment. Even though he is already incredibly knowledgeable about online marketing, he is always willing to test new ideas and receive input from his team which I believe is one of his greatest strengths. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him at SolutionsWide, and the knowledge and skills he imparted to me during that time has played a pivotal role in the progress of my career. He is a creative and inspiring leader who I wouldn’t hesitate to work with again in the future.

It was a pleasure to work for Khaled at Service Radius as Co-Founder and Director of Marketing. He works efficiently and set an example of hard work through his actions. He is able to make decisions swiftly to keep up with an evolving environment and stay agile. I would highly recommend him.It was a pleasure to work for Khaled at Service Radius as Co-Founder and Director of Marketing. He works efficiently and set an example of hard work through his actions. He is able to make decisions swiftly to keep up with an evolving environment and stay agile. I would highly recommend him.

While collaborating with Khaled on one of my ventures, I discovered that he has a hidden fountain of knowledge and experience pertaining to start-ups, business development and operations. Khaled has been a fabulous resource and timeless colleague whose value is second to none. Between his positive energy, level of motivation and creativity, he’s someone worth getting to know.

Khaled’s entrepreneurial spirit and energy motivates and inspires myself and everyone surrounded by him. He puts his mind to something, and gets it done. His drive, positive energy, breadth of knowledge, and willingness to teach and share with his peers and coworkers made him such a pleasure to work with. This kind of attitude and willingness to work so hard, has led him to achieve his much deserved success. I know he will continue to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to. I have worked with Khaled in two different roles now, and I would love the opportunity to work with him again someday.

Khaled is an incredibly smart individual with never ending energy and passion to get the job done. He is very detailed in thorough in his explanations of processes and projects. It was a pleasure working alongside him. He always brought a great energy to the team and made the office environment very enjoyable. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in so many areas. Khaled is a great team player and person all around.

Khaled is excellent at creating clear processes even for the most complex task coupled with his technical prowess makes him a go to guy for solutions to operational failure points. I would take Khaled with me on any technology venture knowing that he recognizes the right time to pivot. 

Khaled was a really great guy to work with. Always on point and extremely knowledgable in his field. He was always available to lend a hand with anything that needed to be done, or when I couldn’t get to it. I’ve never seen him without a smile on his face and is just a fun and outgoing guy to be around.

Khaled is an extremely hard working individual, with an exemplary drive to succeed. Not only does Khaled work toward his own success, but he works tirelessly to be sure his clients and coworkers are more than satisfied. Additionally, Khaled brings a lot of energy and motivation to the table at all times. It was a pleasure to work with Khaled, and I would gladly do so again.

Khaled has mastered, and continues to master his diverse background in digital marketing. He is a valued resource to all at our company in the areas of strategy, technology, industry knowledge, and the creation/implementation of new opportunities. Khaled is a master of his trade, willing to help everyone he works with and as well as teach them to help themselves. His work with sterkly has made a profound impact and his great attitude and character has shaped our team culture for the better!

If you want meaningful improvement applied to your company or project, Khaled seems to have a warehouse full of it. Khaled is a doer, a hustler, a man of action. When Thomas Jefferson wrote “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”, I’m pretty sure he time-traveled to the future and learned that directly from Khaled. I’ve personally drawn oceans of inspiration and knowledge from Khaled. A funny thing happens when working alongside him; you aren’t afraid to fail. In fact, you quickly learn that you fail hardest simply by not doing. Everything else is just a step on the way toward a larger goal. This is the philosophy Khaled instills in everyone else around him. More than any of that, Khaled is a great friend with a massive heart. He’ll go out of his way to create more happiness in your life, whether by being someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or just as himself: getting you into an exclusive club and providing bottle service on a random Friday night. To your business, I’d say Khaled is worth his weight in gold, but that would be selling him far too short..

Since I started working with Khaled, he has shown a tremendous work ethic and dedication. He has a remarkable amount of experience in internet marketing and development. He helped launch business development and operations for multiple products. His personality supports his achievements and he continually assists his colleagues in all aspects. Everything from PPC to SEO and Downloadable Products to E-Commerce, Khaled radiates joy when conquering new ventures and troubleshooting issues. He will be missed and I wish him best on all his future endeavors.

Khaled is a passionate and highly motivated online marketing guru. He is a self starter, savy negotiator, detail oriented operations manager. I enjoyed working with Khaled, not only for his work ethic, but his experience and knowledge in his field, and his ability to work as a team player. Khaled lends an air of fun to the workplace, but gets the job done right. I’d love the opportunity to work with him again. I wish him the best of luck in his personal and professional endeavors. However, I know he will succeed in whatever he puts his hands on!

Throughout the entire time working with Khaled, he never seized to amaze me. He was willing to take on any task and worked diligently to resolve all issue thoroughly. His expertise in the internet marketing industry is unmatched and backs it with a strong technical background. Khaled is truly a jack of all trades and master of many. Having Khaled on my team helped boost morale and kept the team aiming for new heights.

Khaled is a hard working individual whose immense knowledge of the digital marketing industry makes him such a valuable asset. He is easily approachable and his enthusiasm about his endeavors motivates me to continue to grow within this industry. It was a pleasure working with Khaled and I highly recommend him.

The definition of an ideal colleague- Khaled was an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable of the internet industry, business savvy, enthusiastic and always willing to help. I recommend Khaled in the highest regard.

Khaled has been a very inspirational person in my development in the internet marketing industry. Khaleds vast knowledge, industry experience, and sheer time working on so many different projects would make him an asset to any company in the space. He is a workaholic by nature, and looks to exceed goals and expectations from both his peers and himself.

Khaled is a very intelligent and out of the box thinker. He thinks about things in ways that most other people will never come up with. It is through this type of thinking, that he is consistently able to get the job done. While at Underground Elephant, he created reports and provided analysis that helped me to build extremely successful and profitable media campaigns. I was also fortunate enough to oversee Khaled directly at sterkly on the media buys team. His technical savvy and determination was unparalleled and I felt lucky to not only watch him grow tremendously but I also learned a great deal from him. I would recommend him highly to any organization interested in solid growth and performance.

Khaled is a very personable and sharp individual with a high emotional intelligence. I had the pleasure of working on a highly visible project with him. I was able to observe firsthand his leadership qualities and his ability to help the team work together to accomplish its objective. Even though he worked under extreme time constraints, Khaled was always approachable. Khaled is an excellent communicator and just a great person overall.

Khaled is an honest, hardworking individual that is not afraid of long hours. He is a one stop shop for website needs – everything from production to search engine marketing and long term growth planning. He is brilliant SEO strategist and has created an efficient SEO system for our company, Image Display Group, that is both scalable and potent. Our clients are extremely happy with the organic growth and solid results we get them. Through his many years of experience in SEO, he has passed down invaluable information to me that has survived the volatility of search engine algorithm changes. Khaled can fulfill multiple roles for any organization, and I highly recommend him.

Khaled was a wonderful resource. He helped our company reach front page organic optimization for our National website. He is a wealth of information, very professional, and incredibly gifted in all aspects pertaining to SEO. As a result of Khaled’s leadership and dedication, has reached first page organic, for the most used keywords relating to our industry.