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Optimize all aspects of your business to maximize valuation and ensure smooth ownership transition when you exit.

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After years of hustling, it’s time to reap the rewards. We’re here to help you maximize the value of your life’s work and transition smoothly to a rewarding next chapter.

You deserve experts who have lived the exhilaration and challenges of building a business from the ground up. Our mission-driven team loves solving complex problems and guiding founders like you to life-changing exits.

  • Complimentary valuation to assess your current worth.
  • Personalized 2-year roadmap to systematically enhance value.
  • Dynamic tracking to monitor progress and regularly update valuation.
  • Matching with the ideal advisor for guidance tailored to you.
  • Robust digital toolkit for streamlined planning and accountability.
  • Ongoing support to tackle obstacles and keep you on track.
The Experience To Personalize Plans

Our Difference

We Have Been There

We have been exactly where you are right now. Looking back at it, we wish we had done more to understand what selling a business means and how to maximize the value.

We Have Been There

We Are Agile!

We use similar methods to software developers using the Agile methodology. We execute in sprints when possible and collect feedback. This allows us to have a rapid iterative process to ensure we are on the path to an optimal exit.

We Are Agile!

Seller's Regret

We review so many businesses and have participated in tons of transactions that we can quickly spot issues to help you avoid mistakes on your path to an optimal exit.

Seller's Regret

Step-by-Step Process

We utilize a proven 21-step framework distilled from over a decade of successfully guiding entrepreneurs to seven-figure exits.

Step-by-Step Process

What Is Included?​

Exit Planning Software

Livmo utilizes a valuation and goal tracking software. You will receive a login to update your company’s metrics and the status of tasks. This allows us to consistently check in on your progress and update your valuation as we complete goals.

Know your next move with valuation roadmaps

Our software generates intelligent dynamic recommendations based upon our 21-Step business succession & exit planning process. Our algorithm quantifies the “value gap” in the business, identifies key projects to priorities for maximum ROI, and shows the expected financial impact. 

Quantify your progress with business scorecards

We will collate data from multiple sources to create a scorecard of exit readiness, credit readiness, financial metrics, non-financial metrics, and other key areas. This is based on over 300 data points used to automatically calculate company-specific risk, beta and risk weightings—on top of that all-important business valuation.

Play the Long Game with Exit Planning Implementation

Get an instant framework to improve business value while with a 21-Step Implementation Roadmap. We can identify, protect, accelerate, unlock, and manage value in your businesses.

Each Roadmap is automatically generated with advice based on over 10 years of real-world business sales and successions.

Make Sense of Financials Fast with Account System integration

Our valuation tool connects with accounting systems to automatically update your financials. Even if you do not use Quickbooks or any standard accounting software, you can upload financials manually with the click of a button.

Get Business Insights Quarterly with VPI Report access

We will create powerful, value-accelerating strategies. Our Value Potential Index (VPI) algorithm is powered by nearly 1 million data points collected over 12 years, tracking key metrics that drive valuations and project potential value over time.

Transparency & Accountability with Dynamic Revaluation

We will record the progress through the prioritized projects identified by the initial report. Nudges and notifications create accountability for project activities and updates across the entire team. The platform then automatically calculates the valuation impact with each achievement and updates the dashboard instantly.

The Beginning Of The Journey

How It Works


Conduct A Free Valuation

Kickstart your exit planning journey by leveraging our software to assess your business's current value.


Review With An Advisor

Collaborate with an experienced advisor who will guide you through your valuation results, offering insights tailored to your business's unique situation.


Choose A Plan

Select one of our exit planning choices, designed to provide you with the necessary tools and support for a successful exit.


Start Your Exit Journey

Customized roadmap, actionable strategies, and ongoing guidance, empowering you to maximize your business's value and achieve a successful transition.

Whether you want to retire, pursue new ventures, or leave a lasting legacy, we're here to make it happen. Let's start with a free call to explore your goals, assess your readiness, and kickstart the strategic planning. The time to prepare is now – you've earned an amazing exit!

The Journey Together

Exit Planning

This isn’t your old school exit coaching and planning program. We treat this like any deep entrepreneur would, by analyzing the information in front of us, assessing all options, choosing the most optimal solution, and executing on that path. We are framework agnostic and mission driven.

Executing on these plans takes time and dedication.  Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal exit. This is why all plans require a 6 month commitment and are paid upfront.

NOTE: Any money contributed to exit planning is credited against our success commission when we complete a transaction.


Add $2M to $5M In Valuation

$ 500 Per Month
  • This Plan Included :
  • Tracking Software & Dashboard
  • Business Insights Report
  • Value Potential Insights
  • 21-Step Implementation Roadmap
  • Dynamic Revaluation
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • 10 Ad-Hoc Expert Hours


Add $5M to $10M+ In Valuation

$ 2000 Per Month
  • This Plan Included :
  • Tracking Software & Dashboard
  • Business Insights Report
  • Value Potential Insights
  • 21-Step Implementation Roadmap
  • Dynamic Revaluation
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • 40 Ad-Hoc Expert Hours

Let's Plan YOUR Exit Today!

Every business is different, which is why we’re committed to providing a personalized approach right from the start. During our initial call, we’ll delve into the specifics of your business, taking into account its size, industry, and other relevant factors. This will enable us to determine the most suitable valuation method, frameworks, and assets required to generate an accurate assessment of your business’s value.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and information necessary to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the exit planning process. Let’s take the first step together by scheduling a call and uncovering the true potential of your business. On this call we will review which valuation method and software to use as well as finalize the terms of the plan and the assets needed to conduct the valuation. Depending on size, the valuation might be conducted on the call.