HR Compliance SaaS Platform – Listed for $12M

  • Status Active
  • Industry HR SaaS
  • Asking Price $12M
  • Location Remote
  • Listing Duration Open

Founded in 2018 this SaaS-based platform focuses on Immigration and HR Compliance designed to streamline processes with digital management. The business model of this company focuses on integrating critical compliance functions like Form 1-9, E-Verify, and immigration case management into a single platform.

Listing Details

Valued at $12M due to its high potential and strategic growth opportunities, this company is on track to achieve $3.4M in revenue within the next two years. With its cutting-edge SaaS platform specializing in Immigration and HR Compliance, it streamlines crucial organizational processes, making it an attractive investment for buyers looking to add strategic value. The valuation reflects not only the current success and profitability but also the significant growth trajectory anticipated with the rollout of new products and expansion strategies. Inquire for details on growth paths and new products. Seller willing to be creative with terms to bridge any valuation gaps.

This is a SaaS-based platform focusing on Immigration and HR Compliance, designed to ensure organizations meet regulatory requirements efficiently. It enhances the onboarding process and manages HR compliance and immigration cases by simplifying document management and employee tracking. The platform also features capabilities for managing timesheets, leaves, and facilitates the integration of HR processes.

The platform streamlines onboarding by allowing multiple employee setups, managing work authorizations, and providing employee self-service for document access. It ensures HR compliance through digital management of Form I-9s, document verification for remote hires, streamlined E-verify processes, and enhanced audit preparedness. For immigration compliance, it offers insights for H-1B approvals, centralizes petition management, and simplifies Public Access File creation. Additionally, it supports employee management with work review, organizational chart generation, and keeps track of work authorization and document expiries, promoting an effective Employee-Employer relationship.

The company is currently profitable from one of their products which takes about 30% of the revenue to operate. The company currently has 2 other SaaS products rolling out over the next year which is where 70% of the revenue is being spent. These new products based on customer feedback will propel it into the multi-millions in ARR.

  • Established 2018
  • $540k ARR and $100K yearly revenue for services (total of $640K recurring revenue)
  • $308K in Unearned Revenue from prepaid contracts
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from January 2018 to February 2024 is 167.11%
  • Great reputation with over 9 G2 Crowd Awards and 99% customer retention
  • 320+ active customers
  • Addressable market includes 2,500 IT staffing companies in the U.S.
  • Potential for expansion through strategic partnerships and market penetration.
  • Positioned for growth in a market with increasing demand for compliance services.
  • 330,000+ contacts in the client database
  • Employees: 76 FT, 14 Contractors, 11 Interns

Listing Terms

The founders have a vision for accelerated growth and a desire to expand the reach and capabilities of their innovative solutions. Despite being profitable and bootstrapped from the start, they recognize the limitations of growing independently. The founders see a merger or acquisition as a strategic opportunity to infuse the company with additional resources and expertise that can propel their growth exponentially. They believe that partnering with a larger, more established entity can help them tap into new markets, enhance their product offerings, and reach a greater scale than they could on their own. Their decision to sell is not due to necessity but is a strategic choice made from a position of strength, with the aim to maximize the company’s potential and impact in the HR compliance technology space.